Canoe Tip – The J Stroke

In this video I demonstrate how I do the “J Stroke”. This is a canoe paddling technique that allows you to keep your paddle on one side of your boat, and propel yourself straight.

One of the frustrations in canoeing is keeping the bow of your boat straight. This is especially true if you are solo canoeing. The first instinct is to lift your paddle out of the water, switch sides, and then correct your direction by paddling on the other side. Although this works, the problem with this method is three-fold. One, you often drip water in the boat, getting your gear wet. Two, doing this all day long can really take a toll on your energy levels. And three, at the end of the day (and into the next) you are almost certain to have sore muscles (unless you’re a young buck 🙂

With the J Stroke, you keep the paddle on one side of the boat for the most part; keeping the water where it belongs (in the river). Also, because you’re not constantly lifting it out of the water all day long, you can actually paddle a lot longer during a day, and will keep your muscles a lot more happy.

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