Desert Camping with Primal Outdoors – Shooting the AR15 & Savage .308

Desert Camping with Primalarcher – Shooting the AR15 & Savage .308

A desert camping trip with primalarcher. Sighting in a my Colfax Tactical custom built AR15 and helping Primalarcher get his new Savage .308 sighted in and tuning up his precision shooting skills.

Camping for comfort with our extended car camping load outs. The High Desert in the spring is beautiful. We had a great time as always.

Gear Used:
MSR Whisperlite stove
Colfax Tactical AR15
Savage. 308
FN FNX 40 Cal Handgun
Cascadia Vehicle Tents CVT Roof Top Tent
Wiggy’s Sleeping bags
Thermarest ground mats
511 Tactical Pants
Surefire Flashlights

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