MYCANOE, The origami folding canoe!

MYCANOE! The origami folding canoe!
A Box in folding, A Canoe in unfolding!

This 15-foot long beautiful Canadian-style canoe can be folded into a 96cm x 46cm smart box, portable enough to be stashed into a car trunk. Even with a cheap price, this camping canoe can make nature more accessible for outdoor explorers.
– Touring canoe for paddling and fishing in the rivers and the lakes.
– Easy for performance and storage
– 12 feet long in use, compact box with 96cm x 46cm in folding
– The simple parts can shorten the assembling process into less than 10 minutes.
– Available for everyone to paddle
– With its wide flat bottom, it has good linear speed.
– High performance per dollar compared to typical fixed or single-folding canoes

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