National City Moves to rid city of Homeless with New RV Rules 03152016

Address: National City City Council
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Interviews: Baron Preston RV Resident
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On any given night over the last few years, on the west side of National City, anywhere up to 50 plus RV’s (Recreational Vehicle) , Trailers, Vans and Cars can be found with Transit or Homeless people living in them, just on Tidelands Blvd. there are other streets with more RV’s on them with and their transit communities. Some of these people have lived on the City’s streets for up to 10 years. Some have day jobs, and then come to their RV’s to spend the night.

After years of complaining from business’s and residents, the National City City Council approved a resolution tonight that in 30 days, will turn into new laws about parking in National City, specifically targeting these transit people. The main complaint has been the trash left behind, people defecating and urinating in the bushes, and other nuisances.

Basically, you must have a permit to park an RV or Trailer on the City’s street, and you must prove residency to obtain the permit. Police and Parking Enforcement will then start ticketing those in violation and eventually tow away those who do not obey the new regulations. The regulations will take effect in 30 days after notices and signs are posted for the next 30 days.

National City is also teaming up with the Alpha Project in an attempt to help the homeless who are living in the open spaces, sewer tunnels and other locations in National City.

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