Rock Climbing + Sea & Surf Kayaking + Paddleboarding + Camping = Outdoor Education Class at CofC

Summer 2013 student filmed highlights — Course description: PEHD 252 is an introductory class designed to provide the student a number of outdoor adventure experiences that are available in the Carolinas. The activities do vary from year to year but may include rock climbing, sea kayaking, surf kayaking, and camping. Through these experiential opportunities, a number of new skills and interests should be fostered.

What’s Covered:
Sea Kayaking
A. Proficiencies
1. Execute the fundamental strokes and techniques in paddling a kayak: forward and reverse strokes, sweeps, draw, and the high and low braces.
2. Demonstrate these rescue techniques: the wet exit, self-rescue, and assisted rescues. Show the proper use of safety equipment common in this sport.
3. Successfully complete a planned trip in a local waterway. Explain and demonstrate how to avoid potential problems associated with kayaking: other water craft, tidal exchange, current, navigational markers, marine life, and environmental conditions.

Rock Climbing
A. Proficiencies
1. Demonstrate the proper use and management of ropes and other equipment as you belay another climber.
2. Complete at least two of the 5.4 – 5.8 rated routes at both the climbing wall at the JICP and at Crowders Mountain.
3. Demonstrate various rock climbing holds and techniques as you solve different problems encountered on the rock face.

A. Proficiencies
1. Demonstrate an understanding of Leave No Trace principles, trip planning essentials, equipment selection and use, weather concerns, hypo/hyperthermia, and other safety aspects of camping.
2. Set-up a campsite and explain the considerations one makes in doing so. 3. Plan and cook a meal using a camp stove. Demonstrate safe practices for this activity and the proper hygiene and disposal of waste.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding
A. Proficiencies
1. Demonstrate the proper launching and landing technique.
2. Execute the fundamental strokes: forward and reverse strokes, sweeps, draw, and the high and low braces.
3. Explain elements involved in safe paddling to include rescue priorities, signals, falling techniques, and hypo/hyperthermia. Demonstrate a self-rescue.

A. Proficiencies
1. Explain the basic features of the GPS unit and how each is used.
2. Summarize how the GPS network works.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of land navigation as you complete the geocaching search for the hidden cache located on the peninsula.

Ropes Courses
A. Proficiencies
1. Tie eight different knots and explain the advantages of each.
2. Demonstrate problem-solving abilities as the team seeks solutions to the obstacles imposed by the various elements of the challenge course.
3. Complete the high ropes course at the JICP. Explain the course set-up, and how groups are conducted through it. Outline the safety procedures used on the course.

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