Ultra Light Compact Folding Camping Cot ~ Packs In Your Backpack

TomTop sent me this awesome ultralight camping bed that packes into your backpack or closet when not in use. Get yours here: http://bit.ly/1RchB0c

Read my full review here: http://www.thedoityourselfworld.com/blog/?p=1914

This is a super light and packable camping bed. It fits easily into your backpack, trunk of your car, closet or even a drawer in the dresser when folded down and packed away.

When set up it is a full length and comfortable bed which you can use for camping, hiking or as a guest bed. The great thing about this camping cot is that it folds away into a tiny 16 inch long by 4 inch round roll when not in use. This takes up hardly any space when packed away. It is perfect as a guest bed for small apartments or tiny homes.

It is also perfect for car camping, hiking or backpacking. Be the envy of your friends when you haul out this super comfortable bed when you are setting up camp.

The independent suspension given by all the supporting rings under the bed gives you a super comfy night of sleep. This is one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept in.

It can support up to 400 pounds of weight but weighs only about 2.5 pounds itself.

I have tested this camping bed extensively in the past couple months and stress tested the stitching. The cats also stress tested the bed while it was set up in my tiny house on wheels.

I left it set up day and night. The cats ran over it. Played on it and slept on it during this time. The camping cot shows no sign of wear or stress at all from this time.

The stitching held up very well to my surprised. I was honestly expecting the stitching to fail at the stress points but it held up perfectly well.

I am highly impressed with this camping bed and would strongly recommend it for hiking, camping, survival or as a guest bed.

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