West Branch RV Trip 2017 Day 1

As some of are Facebook followers already know we got a chance to get away from the house for a few days. It was because of a joking comment made by Thunderbird 67 that made me even think that it was possible that we could go out and get some relaxation on. So we headed to our Old Faithful campground West Branch State Park in Ravenna Ohio. For the next couple weeks they have a Halloween campout deal which will show in our next video a little bit what it looks like out here so it makes it kind of different than the normal camping season and what’s allowed. Of course Heidi is working pretty much all the days that were rving except for one and we had a new issue that was presented with parking and newly assigned fees for extra vehicles on the campsite which of course I’ll talk about in this video. Anyways I’ve got to get back to editing videos that’s one of the bad things about doing this kind of stuff on the road so I will get this posted and hopefully it’s within a timely manner so that it’s not lagging behind what we’re posting on Facebook too much. Thanks for watching guys really appreciate your patronage.

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